Academy,  1 (1869–70), 259–60.

Fungi in Connection with Epidemic Diseases

M J Berkeley




Theory, Disease, Science Communication, Microscopy, Error, Spontaneous Generation

Publications cited:

Zeitschrift für Parasitenkunde

    Sceptical of Ernst H Hallier's contention that each epidemic disease 'owes its origin to the development of a specific fungus', a conclusion 'which referred the origin of Cholera to the occurrence of Urocystis occulta, on the rice plant'. Observes that 'Few matters are more interesting, and I may add more important, than the real nature of the minute bodies about which so much has been said in connection with the subject of spontaneous generation', and notes 'the interest [...] raised by the promised work of Dr. Bastian, who believes that he has arrived at something definite on the subject'. (260)

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