Academy,  1 (1869–70), 181–82.

[Review of Recherches Historiques sur le Principe d'Archimède, by Charles Thurot]

H J S Smith



Publications reviewed:

Thurot 1869


History of Science, Mathematics, Theory, Ancient Authorities, Metaphysics, Error, Observation, Experiment, Physics, Discovery

People mentioned:

Aristotle , Blaise Pascal , Simon Stevin , Isaac Newton

    In a history of the mixed fortunes of the hydrostatical theorem first advanced by Archimedes, Smith notes that 'even under existing circumstances, it may happen here and there that a scientific discovery is neglected, or remains fruitless for a time, from some obscurity in the mode of its presentation by the first discoverer, or from his own imperfect comprehension of his discovery' or 'from the smallness of the number of persons interested in the same inquiry, or from prejudice in favour of an established scientific creed' (182).

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