Academy,  2 (1870–71), 248–50.

[Review of Village Communities in the East and West, by Henry J S Maine]

T E Cliffe Leslie



Publications reviewed:

Maine 1871


Evolution, Progress, Sociology, Anthropology, Darwinism, Descent, Human Species

    Asserts that the 'movement of progressive society becomes one (to use Mr. Maine's own formula) from status to contract; a formula, we may observe, for the legal side of the great movement which Herbert Spencer formulates as a movement from the homogeneous to the heterogeneous. It is evident that this evolution of individuality from the patriarchal family is no more incompatible with Mr. McLennan's theory that there are stages of savage existence anterior to the patriarchal family, than with Darwin's theory of the descent of man from an inferior race of animals' (248).

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