Academy,  2 (1870–71), 267–68.

[Review of History and Literature of Lichenology, by August von Krempelhuber]

M J Berkeley



Publications reviewed:

Krempelhuber 1867


Publishing, Monographs, Wonder, Botany, Nationalism, Natural History, Specialization, Disciplinarity

    Expresses amazement at 'one of the most marvellous examples of German industry which has ever issued from the press', which addresses '1392 pages' to 'a subject which is of very limited interest even to botanists'. Also notes that in August von Krempelhuber's massive tome 'what is not always the case with continental writers, English sources [...] have been carefully explored and registered' (267), although it is 'curious that the one which has met with the least justice is that which is due to the author of this notice' (267n.). Protests that 'Excessive subdivision is one of the greatest evils which can befall any branch of natural history, and indisposes many to the study who might otherwise be useful labourers, especially as it has a tendency to draw off attention from those general views which are after all of main importance' (267).

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