Academy,  2 (1870–71), 521–22.

[Review of Report of the Commissioners Appointed to Inquire into the Several Matters Relating to Coal in the United Kingdom]

Henry Woodward



Publications reviewed:

Report of the Coal Commissioners


Endeavour, Mining, Economic Geology, Stratigraphy, Government, National Efficiency

People mentioned:

Andrew C Ramsay , Joseph Prestwich , Henry H Godwin-Austen , Roderick I Murchison

    Observes that 'we have in the British Isles an available amount of coal equal to 146,480 millions of tons, and from careful estimates of the increasing consumption of coal as proved during the last fourteen years, it is calculated that we have a store that will last about 276 years'. This is 'sufficiently alarming', and means that the 'great question of the existence of coal in the south-east of England' must be 'settled' at last as a matter of urgency'. (522)

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