Academy,  2 (1870–71), 565–68.

On the Pronunciation of Latin. VI  [6/6]

Max Müller, Oxford


Notes, Rejoinder, Serial


Physiology, Comparative Philology, Sound, Controversy

    Explains that 'Owing to my absence from England I was not able to follow the discussion on Latin pronunciation carried on chiefly in the pages of the Academy', and offers a belated contribution to that debate (565). Although avoiding 'purely physiological refinements', Müller accepts Ernst W von Brücke's arguments and favours 'a dento-labial v', giving as the 'best proof of this [...] the fact that, though I have lived in England for a quarter of a century, I still am unable, as the best phonologists tell me, to pronounce the pure English w' (566).

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