Academy,  2 (1870–71), 29–30.

[Review of Traditions and Hearthside Stories of West Cornwall, by William Bottrell]

C W Boase



Publications reviewed:

Bottrell 1870


Human Species, Anthropology, Race, Comparative Philology, Nomenclature

    Observes that 'Not only was the Indo-European race proved to be One by comparative philology, but the same conclusion was arrived at by a comparison of popular fables (the proper name of the science has not yet been invented)', although 'as the investigation has extended, this conclusion has become uncertain; for some of the popular tales are found to be widely spread among other races not belonging to the Indo-European stock'. The question as to whether 'such stories [have] been borrowed, or [...] date from a still earlier age, and point to a still higher unity of races [....] is not yet settled, and much previous sifting of the evidence will be required'. (29)

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