Black Dwarf,  1 (1817), 272.

Advertisement Extraordinary



Advertisement, Spoof


Invention, Commerce, Pharmaceuticals, Politics

    Advertises that Peter Puff 'has a variety of new inventions, admirably calculated to promote the happiness of Society in every department'. 'First, he begs leave to recommend his new mode of hatching chickens in corner cupboards; a plan for growing cucumbers behind the kitchen fire; a system of churning from cold water; and an amazingly economical family receipt, for going without four meals a day, without the least inconvenience. Also his newly-invented salve for the times, which enables a purchaser to live without any meat at all; and he may thus carry a twelve months' provisions bottled up in a two-ounce phial. An universal remedy for all disorders that arise from repletion, which would have been tried with more success, and its celebrity better appreciated, had not the scarcity of provisions proved an impediment'. The particulars are available from 'the State Doctor at D—— [i.e. Downing] street'.

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