Blackwood's Edinburgh Magazine,  1 (1817), 85–87.

Literary and Scientific Intelligence

[William Laidlaw?] *




Mineralogy, Experiment, Instruments, Invention, Chemistry, Scientific Practitioners | Light, Natural Law, Crystallography | Mineralogy, Natural Philosophy, Lecturing, Display, Experiment | Invention, Machinery, Navigation | Universities, Government, Patronage, Architecture, Libraries, Museums | Metallurgy, Invention | Mapping, Internationalism, Metrology | Chemistry, Natural Imperialism | Astronomy, Discovery | Natural Imperialism, Exploration, Botany | Mineralogy | Invention, Navigation

People mentioned:

Edward D Clarke , John Newman , Henry J Brooke , David Brewster , Pierre S, marquis de Laplace , Jean-Baptiste Biot , John Leslie , John Playfair , Rev Mr Wright , John F Daniell , William Mudge , Thomas F Colby , John Pond , John Brinkley , Joseph Banks , John Murray , Mr Locateli

Institutions mentioned:

University of Edinburgh , Bath Literary and Philosophical Society , Trigonometrical Survey of Great Britain

Publications cited:

Clarke 1817

    After an enthusiastic account of Edward D Clarke's researches with the blowpipe, observes: 'we cannot help expressing our satisfaction that the employment of this powerful instrument, in the development of such striking results, has fallen to the lot of a gentleman who has already rendered such essential service to the literature of his country, and whom [...] we are really disposed to regard as not only one of the most accomplished scholars, but one of the best men also, which this country contains' (86). Discusses the government's contribution towards the cost of the buildings at the University of Edinburgh, noting that the library will be 'one of the most elegant rooms in the kingdom' (87).

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