Blackwood's Edinburgh Magazine,  1 (1817), 189–90.


[William Laidlaw?] *


Reportage, Literary Gossip


Gravity, Instruments, Invention | Geology, Stratigraphy | Mineralogy | Navigation, Instruments, Military Technology | Technology | Gas Chemistry | Health, Medical Treatment, Hydropathy | Meteorology, Heat, Instruments, Mapping | Ornithology, Zoology | Geology

People mentioned:

Gavin White, Thomas Thomson, Thomas S Traill , Joseph Hume, Henry Cavendish, Daniel G Fahrenheit, William Roy

Institutions mentioned:

Royal Society of Edinburgh , British Museum

    Gives an account of 'a new instrument called a capillary Hydrometer, for measuring the strength and specific gravity of spiritous liquors,' which 'has lately been invented by Dr Brewster'. Outlines the beneficial proprieties of the spring lately discovered at Bridlington, Yorkshire, as described by John Storer in the Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society for 1815. Relates that Francis J H Wollaston 'has submitted to the Royal Society a description of a thermometer constructed by him, for determining the height of mountains, instead of a barometer'. (189) Reports that four wapiti deer, as described by William E Leach to the Linnean Society, have been brought back from America. States that these animals are said to have been 'domesticated by the natives of America' and that their importer believes they may 'be used with advantage in this country, in many cases, as a substitute for horses' (190).

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