Blackwood's Edinburgh Magazine,  1 (1817), 487–92.

Sketches of Foreign Scenery and Manners No III  [3/4]

X Y Z, pseud.  [John G Lockhart?] * and X Y Z, pseud.  [James Wilson?] *


Travelogue, Serial


Botany, Horticulture, Collecting, Anatomy, Botanical Gardens

    The narrator describes his visit to Leiden University. States that in the university gardens 'there are many beautiful specimens of rare foreign trees and shrubs; particularly a tree planted by the hands of Hermann Boerhaave, and a majestic palm, which existed in the time of Clusius, the first professor of botany at Leyden [sic]'. Also briefly recounts his visit to the 'theatre of anatomy'. (489) Later states: 'There are many other pleasant country residences near Haarlem, among which Hartkamp should be mentioned, being more particularly interesting, as having been at one time the abode of Linnaeus, and the place where that famous botanist laid the foundation to his immortal system' (492).

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