Blackwood's Edinburgh Magazine,  1 (1817), 510–15.

Review of Elements of the Natural History of the Animal Kingdom, by Charles Stewart

[James Wilson?] *



Publications reviewed:

Stewart 1817


Natural History, Zoology, Taxonomy, Entomology, Physiology, Ornithology, Naturalists, Specimens, Travel

People mentioned:

Carl Linnaeus, Robert Jameson, Alexander von Humboldt, Georges L Leclerc, comte de Buffon, Jacques C Valmont de Bonmare, Konrad Gesner, George Montagu, Georges Cuvier

Institutions mentioned:

Wernerian Matural History Society, Edinburgh, Linnean Society, Leverian Museum, Liverpool Museum

Publications cited:

Blumenbach 1779, Stewart 1801, Buffon 1771–86, Cuvier 1817Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society

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