Blackwood's Edinburgh Magazine,  1 (1817), 523–25.

[Britain and Colonies]

[William Laidlaw?] *


Reportage, Literary Gossip


Gas Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, Physiology | Horticulture, Collecting | Parasitology, Horticulture, Botany | Heat, Societies | Steam-power, Technology, Transport, Accidents, Engineering | Medical Treatment | Zoology, Discovery, Taxonomy | Physiology | Veterinary Science, Physiology | Invertebrate Zoology, Animal Behaviour | Astronomy | Navigation, Astronomy, Military Technology | Invertebrate Zoology, Taxonomy | Periodicals, Zoology

People mentioned:

George Sinclair, Humphry Davy, Benjamin Thompson (Count von Rumford), Henri M Husson, William E Leach, Joseph Banks, Everard Home, Joseph Banks, William Herschel, Thomas Rackett , Charles A Lesueur, François Péron, George Ord, Mr Thossay

Institutions mentioned:

Caledonian Horticultural Society, Royal Society, British Museum, Royal Navy, Linnean Society

Publications cited:

Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society Transactions of the Linnean Society

    Announces that the Royal Medical Society of Edinburgh has proposed as the subject for a prize essay the question: 'What changes are produced on atmospheric air by the action of the skin of the living human body?' States that the committee appointed by the House of Commons to investigate 'Steam-boats and boilers' has reported 'that steam-engines of some construction may be applied with perfect security, even to passage vessels'. (523) Proceeds to outline the resolutions proposed by the committee for the consideration of the house. Quotes from the Sydney Gazette that '[a]n animal hitherto unknown here in the European colonies' has been discovered. 'From its general conformation, it may be a species of the Jerboa tribe'. Describes this and a new species of shellfish predator. Later relates in detail the account given in the Sydney Gazette of two 'instances of the extreme virulence and rapidity of animal poison'. (524) Gives an account of papers presented to the Royal Society by William E Leach, and Everard Home concerning a new genus of animals found to inhabit argonaut and nautilus shells. Announces that the first number of 'a New Periodical Work, entitled, "Journal of the Academy of Natural Sciences of Philadelphia["], has just reached this country from America' (525) and provides a brief overview of its contents.

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