Blackwood's Edinburgh Magazine,  1 (1817), 546.


[William Laidlaw?] *



[2] Destruction of a Steam-Boat by Fire


Steamships, Accidents

    Reports: 'the Margate Steam-Packet' caught fire eighteen miles from Whitstable. Describes how the fire started and states that no-one was killed but that 'the vessel was almost entirely consumed'. (546)

[3] Explosion of Fire-Damp


Accidents, Technology, Mining

    Reports that 'a dreadful blast occurred at Harraton Row pit, Newcastle [...] by which thirty-eight men and boys were killed'. Asserts that 'this dreadful accident was caused by the perverse obstinacy of a young man named John Moody, one of the hewers, who, in defiance of the orders of the overman, refused to use Sir H. Davy's lamp, and a lighted candle, which was twice put out by the workman whom he was trying to relieve; but he relighted it, by unscrewing the lamp, and thus sacrificed his own, and the lives of his companions'. (546)

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