Blackwood's Edinburgh Magazine,  1 (1817), 563–67.

Observations on Animal Magnetism

G, pseud.  [Robert Gordon?] *


Letter, Reportage


Mesmerism, Medical Treatment, Magnetism,

People mentioned:

Karl Eschenmayer, Christian F Naße, Dietrich G Kieser, Franz A Mesmer, Jan Ingen-Housz, Charles N Deslon, Michel A Thouret, Benjamin Franklin, Antoine-Laurent Lavoisier, Jean-Baptiste Le Roy, Joseph I Guillotin

Institutions mentioned:

Königliche Akademie der Wissenschaft, Berlin, Académie Royale de Médécine, Paris

Publications cited:

Mesmer 1766, Mesmer 1779, Thouret 1784

    Reports on the publication of the first volume of Archiv für Thierischen Magnetismus. Gives an historical account of the development of 'this singular species of magnetic agency' (563).

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