Blackwood's Edinburgh Magazine,  2 (1817–18), 447–51.

Literary and Scientific Intelligence

[William Laidlaw?] *


Reportage, Literary Gossip


Optics | Instruments | Medical Treatment, Disease | Astronomy | Mineralogy | Botany, Physiology | Stratigraphy, Geology | Mineralogy | Steam-power, Mining | Societies, Discovery

People mentioned:

David Brewster, Francis J H Wollaston, Samuel Hibbert-Ware, Humphry Davy, William Smith, William E Leach

Publications cited:

Philosophical Transactions of the Royal SocietyAnnals of Philosophy

    Reports: 'at a meeting of the Royal Institution consisting of Sir Joseph Banks, Messrs Brande, Hatchett, Wollaston, and Young, it was resolved:— 1. That Mr Stephenson is not the author of the discovery of the fact, that an explosion of inflammable gas will not pass through tube appertures of small dimensions. 2. That Mr G Stephenson was not the first to apply that principle to the construction of a safety lamp, none of the lamps which he made in the year of 1815 having been safe; and there being no evidence even of their being made upon that principle'. Accords sole credit to Humphry Davy for having first applied the discovery to 'the very important purpose of a safety lamp'. (451)

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