Blackwood's Edinburgh Magazine,  2 (1817–18), 330–34.

Literary and Scientific Intelligence

[William Laidlaw?] *


Reportage, Literary Gossip


Mineralogy, Geology | Vulcanology | Chemistry | Natural History | Publishing, Zoology, Natural History, Physiology, Comparative Anatomy, Creation | Instruments, Meteorology | Navigation, Invention | Medical Treatment, Instruments | Palaeontology

People mentioned:

Abraham G Werner, John Murray, Leopold von Buch, Robert Jameson, Humphry Davy, Jöns J Berzelius, Louis A Necker, Ami Boué, Johann F Blumenbach, Charles Stewart, Joseph L Gay-Lussac, David Brewster, Pierre S, marquis de Laplace

Institutions mentioned:

Wernerian Natural History Society, Edinburgh, University of Edinburgh, Geological Society, Institut de France, Paris

Publications cited:

Transactions of the Royal Society of Edinburgh

    Laments the lack of a British elementary treatise on zoology to compare with those in France and Germany. States that writers 'must be careful to abstain from all indulgence in the fancies of the anatomists, and the reveries of physiologists, which are only equalled by the extravagancies of those who propound theories of the earth and believe they can tell us how the world was created' (331).

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