Boy's Own Paper,  1 (1879), 52–53.

Frogs and Toads  [1/2]

Rev. J G Wood, ma, fls


Essay, Serial


Zoology, Natural History, Animal Behaviour, Taxonomy, Education, Superstition

    Begins by admitting that neither frogs nor toads are 'very pretty or interesting creatures' but promises to 'mention some of the chief points of interest in these animals, avoiding, as far as possible, the use of scientific language, and, where it is absolutely necessary, explaining it'. Accordingly, details the physical characteristics and habits of frogs and toads. Dismisses several myths about these animals including the claim that the skin of the toad is poisonous and that they can 'spit fire'. (52) Emphasises the ease of taming and feeding toads and urges observation of their eating habits.

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