Boy's Own Paper,  2 (1879–80), 3–4.

Shore-Hunting. I—The Sea  [1/4]

Rev. J G Wood, ma, fls


Essay, Instructions, Serial

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Natural History, Education, Zoology, Collecting, Hunting, Wonder

    Begins by suggesting that 'from the number and tenour of letters received on the subject, the love of Natural History in some form is possessed by almost every one who is not devoid of intellect and observation. But very many of those who try to give practical effect to their wishes seem to fail at the very outset, and then are discouraged, and leave the study to others whom they believe to be more gifted than themselves' (3). Insists that this is especially the case with marine zoology and describes the typical experiences of a boy wishing to explore this topic on the shore, drawing attention to some of the wondrous botanical and zoological specimens that can be found in these locations. Advises on the best equipment and techniques for pursuing shore-hunting.

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