Boy's Own Paper,  2 (1879–80), 270–71.

Some Boys Who Became Famous. A Very Young Arctic Explorer. Part II  [2/2]



Regular Feature, Essay, Serial


Exploration, Heroism, Hunting, Education, Universities, Religion, Endeavour, Piety

    Continues an account of the life of William Scoresby. Describes how Scoresby sailed with his father, also William Scoresby, on a whaling-ship, and after an education and being made chief officer of his father's ship, sailed on this vessel to Spiztbergen for whaling. Notes his period at the University of Edinburgh, notably the way in which he surprised his tutor, Robert Jameson, with his detailed meteorological journals. Considers this to be the beginning of Scoresby's 'scientific career' and that at this point, although 'he knew nothing of the power of religion', he 'wanted to serve God and Mammon also', and later refused to hunt whales on the sabbath. Describes his route to becoming a 'minister of the Gospel', notably his study at Queens' College, Cambridge, his ordination, and appointment as chaplain at the Mariner's Church, Liverpool. Believes Scoresby was right for this position owing to his earnestness and kindness.

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