Boy's Own Paper,  2 (1879–80), 478–79.

Birds' Eggs and Egg Collecting  [1/7]

Rev. J G Wood, ma, fls, Chaplain and Lecturer to the "Fellowship of Animals' Friends"


Essay, Instructions, Serial


Cruelty, Ornithology, Animal Development, Collecting, Morality

    Similar to the argument he developed to justify killing insects, the author upholds the scientific grounds for taking birds' eggs for scientific collecting purposes. Insists that bird-nesting is not cruel, and that egg-collectors 'will neither destroy eggs nor meddle with the young birds when hatched'. Points out that birds lose count of the number of eggs that they have laid, and proceeds to advise on the best way of taking eggs without 'injuring or destroying the nest', and of treating the eggs. (478)

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