Boy's Own Paper,  2 (1879–80), 563–64.

The Boy Captain: A Tale of Adventure by Land and Sea. Part II. Chapter XIII—In Captivity  [35/43]

Jules Verne


Novel, Serial

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Entomology, Exploration, Collecting, Scientific Practitioners

    Describes the African captivity of Mrs Weldon, Cousin Benedict and their friends. Cousin Benedict can think of nothing but the entomological riches to be found in Africa and the 'wonderful discoveries' that could be made if his captors would let him. Points out that Benedict would have been 'the most contented of men' had it not been for the loss of his magnifying glass—a loss which means that Benedict must poke every insect 'almost into his eyes' before discovering its characteristics. Adds that Benedict's 'keepers knew him well enough to be satisfied that he would make no attempt to escape' because the enclosure in which he was captured 'afforded him a very fair scope for his researches'. (563) The illustration shows Benedict in the midst of his search for entomological specimens.


Verne 1879

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