Boy's Own Paper,  2 (1879–80), 604–06.

The Boy Captain: A Tale of Adventure by Land and Sea. Part II. Chapter XV—An Exciting Chase  [37/43]

Jules Verne


Novel, Serial

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Entomology, Animal Behaviour, Instinct, Hunting, Collecting

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David Livingstone

    Describes the entomological activities of Cousin Benedict in captivity. Notes his pursuit of various insects and the large number of mosquito bites that he had acquired during his travels. Proceeds to detail Benedict's pursuit of a prized specimen of hexapod which entangled itself in the entomologist's hair and then traversed his face. He attempts to grasp the insect when it reaches his nose but misses it, and then follows it, on all fours, to a subterranean tunnel that led out of the enclosure. His subsequent overland pursuit of the insect, however, proves unsuccessful when one of the guards of the enclosure seizes him, thus destroying Benedict's 'chance of being the happiest of entomologists' (606). The illustrations show Benedict in pursuit of the hexapod and being captured.


Verne 1879

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