Boy's Own Paper,  3 (1880–81), [837].

Characteristic Autographs. VI—Leaders in Science, etc.  [8/8]



Illustration, Serial

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wdct. [24]


Scientific Practitioners, Heroism

    Shows a portrait and autograph of William Spottiswoode (who died on 27 June 1883) surrounded by the autographs of the following scientific practitioners: George B Airy, Charles R Darwin, Friedrich Max Müller, David Brewster, Joseph D Hooker, George G Stokes, Henry P Brougham (1st Baron Brougham and Vaux), Mary F G Somerville, William Parsons (3rd Earl of Rosse), John W Dawson, Michael Faraday, James Y Simpson, Adam Sedgwick, John K Lord, Matthew F Maury, Charles Wheatstone, Roderick I Murchison, James Glaisher, James D Forbes, William Fairbairn, John F W Herschel, and Andrew C Ramsay.

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