Comic Annual,  7 (1836), i–ix.


[Thomas Hood]


Preface, Drollery

Relevant illustrations:

wdct. [2]


T Hood


Medical Practitioners, Medical Treatment, Animal Magnetism, Homeopathy, Hydropathy, Nutrition, Adulteration, Quackery

People mentioned:

Christian F S Hahnemann , Friedrich C Accum

    Hood describes his 'dangerous consultation of complaints, in the Spring, with its complication of High German physicians; namely, two Animal-Magnetisers: three Homœopathics, four "Bad" advisers, and the famous Doctor Farbe [i.e. 'colour']' (iii). The illustration captioned 'Schlangenbad [snake-bath]:—"It has given me quite a turn"' (facing iv) depicts a disconsolate man facing a bath out of which a snake is emerging. The illustration captioned 'Eggs are very nourishing' (ix) depicts an egg-shaped couple and their dog taking a walk.

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