Cornhill Magazine,  1 (1860), 641–51.

London the Stronghold of England

[Francis Fowke]



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Military Technology, Steamships, Engineering, Education, Societies

    Urges that to defend London from military attack 'the science we must call to our aid is Fortification' (645). This plan should be undertaken by volunteers whose 'superior intelligence' not only makes them the best riflemen, but 'fit[s] them in a still higher degree for engineers'. Military engineering is 'a science which above all others distinguishes the educated from the uneducated, the man of intellect from the mere fighting machine'. (647) Suggests that the School of Military Engineers should be relocated from Chatham to Wimbledon, where the engineers 'however learned or scientific they may be, would be none the worse for being placed within nearer reach of the various meetings of learned and scientific societies which are always taking place in the metropolis' (650). Also observes that 'steam has rendered necessary the reconstruction of our navy' (647).

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