Cornhill Magazine,  5 (1862), 550–59.

The Great Naval Revolution

[Edward J Reed]



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Steamships, Military Technology, National Efficiency, Engineering, Government

Institutions mentioned:

Institution of Naval Architects

    Criticises the Admiralty for not investing in 'the construction of iron-cased sea-going' ships (553), and instead 'expending our treasures upon the construction of mere coast-defence vessels, which are incapable of bearing our flag across the seas, and of vindicating our honour upon foreign shores' (550). Both France and America have built 'numerous small iron-cased vessels of various classes' while Britain has lagged behind (559). In particular, the experience of civil war has led to that 'fierce Republic' across the Atlantic 'baptizing in blood and fire novel engines of destruction with names that import warning and menace to us' (558).

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