Cornhill Magazine,  9 (1864), 743–49.

Devon Lanes and Their Associations

[Morgan G Watkins]


Essay, Travelogue


Archaeology, Prehistory, Ethnology, Physical Geography, Theory, Error

    Reports that the lanes laid down in Devon are 'extremely ancient' and 'go back to Celtic times, or, beyond them, to that dim pre-historic antiquity, where even archaeology loses itself'. The almost entirely 'natural formation' of these 'aboriginal trackway[s]' by 'Violent rains [which] cut deep furrows in the road' also 'overthrows a theory which has before now found favour with ethnologists, and which would contrast the generous open-hearted Roman with the skulking Celt' according to the nature of the respective roads which they are supposed to have built. (744)


Watkins 1883

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