Christian Observer,  1 (1802), 738–40.

Great Britain



Literary Gossip; Reportage; Abstract

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Cavallo 1803


Mathematics | Creationism, Astronomy, Astrology | Chemistry

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Thomas Simpson, Jean A De Luc, François M A de Voltaire, Jacob Bryant , William Jones, Thomas Maurice

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Society of Arts

Publications cited:

Simpson 1805

    Reports that Samuel Henley has printed a 'learned investigation' into the French interpretation of the recently discovered Egyptian zodiacs, in which he 'clearly proves, in opposition to the report of M. Fourrier [sic], that this zodiac is a heiroglyphical representation of the reformation of the Roman year by Julius Cæsar, and of the correction of the Egyptian year by that standard. [...] "Where now," he asks with allowable severity, "are the 15,000 years before Christ of the learned Fourrier?"' (738). Relates that '[a] composition lately noted by Mr. Davy, as fit for tinging oak or pear wood of mahogany colour, is made by boiling together Brazil-wood and Roman-alum; to which, before it is applied to the wood, a little pot-ash is to be added. A durable varnish is formed, he says, from a solution of amber in oil of turpentine, mixed with a little linseed oil' (739).

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