Christian Observer,  1 (1802), 740–41.




Literary Gossip; Reportage; Abstract


Electricity | Natural History, Museums, Publishing, Periodicals, Botany, Education

People mentioned:

René-Just Hauy , Antoine F de Fourcroy, Adolphe T Brongniart, René L Desfontaines, Antoine-L de Jussieu, Étienne Geoffroy Saint-Hilaire, Bernard G E de la Ville-Sur-Illon, comte de Lacépède, Jean B P A de Monet, chevalier de Lamarck, Antoine Portal, Jean-Claude Mertrud, André Thouin, Barthélemy Faujas de Saint-Fond, Gérard Van Spaendonck, Georges Cuvier

Institutions mentioned:

Société Galvanique, Paris

    States that 'Aldini, the nephew of Galvini [sic], now at Paris, still persists in asserting the peculiarity of the Galvanic fluid, and obstinately denies it to be, as Volta seemed to have demonstrated, merely a modification of electricity' (740). Reports that 'A large telescope, of twenty-two French feet in length, and twenty-two inches in diameter, is nearly finished. Its mechanism is such, that it will turn with great ease and will not require to be exposed to open air. The mirror [...] is of extraordinary clearness and purity: it is, however, not wholly of platina, as was first proposed' (741). Reports that it has 'been resolved to institute, at Paris a kind of continuation of the celebrated Memoirs of the Academy of Sciences under the title Annals of the National Museum of Natural History' (741). Later lists the professors of the museum who are engaged in this undertaking.

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