Christian Observer,  1 (1802), 37–42.




Reportage; Proceedings

[1 General]


Horticulture, Breeding, Education | Anatomy, Museums | Monographs, Mineralogy | Menageries, Acclimatization | Astronomy, Societies, Internationalism | Encyclopaedias

People mentioned:

Jacques F A Menou , Joseph J L de Lalande , Alexis Bouvard , Joseph Banks , Pierre A Latreille

Institutions mentioned:

Muséum D'Histoire Naturelle, Paris , Institut Nationale, Paris

Publications cited:

Journal des Sçavans Journal des Mines [Dolomieu 1801] , Nouveau dictionnaire d'histoire naturelle

[2 The Lyceum. Translated from Various Numbers of the Clef du Cabinet]


Education, Class, Gender, Chemistry, Natural History

People mentioned:

Antoine F de Fourcroy , Georges Cuvier

[3] National Institute. Sitting of Jan. 5th, 1802


Mathematics, Metrology, Chemistry

People mentioned:

Joseph Banks , Jean-Baptiste J Delambre , Jacques A J Cousin , Gaspard F C M R de Prony , Claude L Berthollet , Louis B Guyton de Morveau

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