Christian Observer,  1 (1802), 185–89.

Great Britain



Reportage, Literary Gossip; Abstract, Paper

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Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society

[1 General]


Astronomy, Mathematics, Botany | Human Species, Reason | Invention, Cultural Geography | Chemistry, Discovery | Horticulture | Steam-power, Transport, Invention | Vaccination, Discovery, Patronage, Government | Electricity

People mentioned:

William Woodville , Edward Jenner , Benjamin Franklin , Luigi Galvani , Alessandro G A A Volta , Humphry Davy , William H Wollaston , Johann B Trommsdorff

Institutions mentioned:

University of Cambridge—Press , Askesian Society

Publications cited:

Itard 1802

    A notice on the progress of stereotype printing begins with the assertion that it is 'an English invention', before discussing its adoption in Paris by Firmin Didot. It is viewed as likely to become 'one of the most considerable improvements connected with Literature, which has been made since the invention of moveable types'. (185) The practices of stereotyping and its important commercial implications are discussed. A notice records that 'Messrs. Lancliffe and W. Hawkes jun. of Newcastle upon Tyne' have achieved a heat of unparalleled intensity by the combustion of oxygen and hydrogen gas using a blowpipe.

[2] Royal Society


Natural History | Astronomy, Light, Heat, Instruments, Observation, Theory | Botany, Physiology, Anatomy, Theology of Nature, Wonder, Feeling, Microscopy, Cell Biology

People mentioned:

Karl F A von Schreibers , Joseph Banks , William Herschel , Everard Home , Thomas A Knight

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