Christian Observer,  1 (1802), 358–60.

Proposal for a Further Voyage to Discover the North-West Passage from the Altantic to the Pacific Ocean





Exploration, Hydrography, Commerce, Government, Patronage, Discovery

People mentioned:

Martin Frobisher , Henry Hudson , Constantine J Phipps (Baron Mulgrave) , James Cook , John Meares , Francis Drake , Benjamin Franklin , Lorenzo de Maldonada

Institutions mentioned:

Princess Royal, ship , Académie des Sciences, Paris , Messrs Meares, Etches, and Company

    The author reviews attempts to find a north-west passage, before proposing that the Admiralty and the merchant navy should make a concerted effort from the two coasts of North America. The comments are, according to the writer, informed by several conversations with Mr Wilby, who was one of those who accompanied John Meares on his voyage of 1786.

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