Englishwoman's Domestic Magazine,  2 (1853–54), 83–87.

Lessons in Natural History: No II—Ornithology  [2/5]



Serial, Short Fiction

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Ornithology, Taxonomy, Education, Natural History, Language, Natural Theology, Design, Wonder

    The introduction describes how Mr Townley gave his second lecture while accompanying his pupils on a walk. In the lecture, Townley notes the difficulties of classifying animal life and seeks to classify all animals from insects to 'the noblest archangel before God's throne', and to find proofs of 'the perfect adjustment of all animated bodies' to the duties which God had 'destined for them to perform'. Notes the etymology of ornithology (83). Describes the 'wondrous' physical features and habits of the eagle. The narrator states how Townley then described the habits and habitats of the hobby hawk (84–5), and the plants and animal life near a mill stream (85–6). Townley describes the features of a feather (86) and takes his pupils into the miller's garden where he describes the physical features and habits of several birds. The narrator notes that on concluding their tour, the party resolved to spend their leisure time contemplating natural phenomena illustrating 'God's goodness' (87).

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