Englishwoman's Domestic Magazine,  3 (1854–55), 275–78.

About Dreams





Psychology, Mesmerism, Spiritualism, Nutrition

People mentioned:

James Gregory , Thomas Reid , John Locke , John Elliotson , Pythagoras of Samos , John Abercrombie

    Presents cases supporting the claim that 'ordinary dreams take place in imperfect sleep' and are often caused by sensations conveyed from the skin through the nerves to the brain. Discusses how food, or a 'strong impression' made on the mind during the day, can influence dreams. Explores ancient interpretations of dreams and the possibility of influencing dreams by whispering in a sleeper's ear. (275) Records cases of 'intellectual feats' performed during dreams and notes that 'unexpected faculties' are sometimes manifested in the 'dying' and in 'somnambulic' 'idiots' (276). Wonders at the speed of travel and communication in dreams and records cases of dreams which are 'retrospective' and which 'coincide' with distant events (276–77). Gives examples of dreams which 'partake of the nature of second sight' and those of an 'allegorical' nature (277).

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