Edinburgh Review,  1 (1802–03), 495–510.

Art.XXIII. [Review of Transactions of the Royal Society of Edinburgh, Volume 5, Part 2 (1802)]

[Henry P Brougham] *



Publications reviewed:

Blizard 1802Playfair 1802bIvory 1802Wallace 1802Kennedy 1802Transactions of the Royal Society of Edinburgh

[2 Review of A Description of an Extra-Uterine Fætus, by Thomas Blizard]


Anatomy, Obstetrics

[3 Review of Meteorological Abstract, by John Playfair]



[4 Review of A New and Universal Solution of Kepler's Problem, by James Ivory]


Astronomy, Mathematics

People mentioned:

Johannes Kepler, Issac Newton, Leonhard Euler , Girolamo Cardano

Publications cited:

Newton 1687, Euler 1748

[6 Review of A New Method, &c., by William Wallace]


Astronomy, Mathematics

People mentioned:

Giulio C Fagnano Dei Toschi, Joseph L Lagrange

    Observes: 'Whilst so much remains yet to be done for the Mathematics by all nations; and, to take a more contracted view, while so much is wanting in this country to render us at all fit for competition with the mathematicians of the Continent, any such appearance of high preeminence in this line, as we have now been contemplating, delights us—in a degree which we are not likely to be followed by the sympathy of all our readers' (510).

[7 Review of Chemical Analysis of an Uncommon Species of Zeolite, by Robert Kennedy]


Chemistry, Geology, Experiment

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