Harper's New Monthly Magazine,  7 (1883–84), 974–77.

Editor's Historical Record



Regular Feature, News-Digest

[1] Science and Progress


Death, Public Health, Exploration

    Observes that the 'English Cremation Society has announced that it possesses all the necessary appliances for properly burning the dead, and that the process has now been pronounced legal. The bill of Dr. Cameron to regulate the practice of cremation is to be brought before the House of Commons in April, backed by Sir Lyon Playfair and Sir John Lubbock'. Meanwhile, in Italy the 'opposition of the Roman Catholic clergy has ceased' and the 'practice is steadily on the increase'. It is only in Germany that the 'authorities do not favour the practice', although the 'people are anxious for its introduction' and there is even a 'special German cremation journal—Die Flamme'. Also notes that the 'Greeley [sic] Relief Arctic Expedition has been energetically organised by the American government'. (976)

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