Harper's New Monthly Magazine,  8 (1884), 481–84.

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[1] Science and Progress


Mineralogy, Geology, Anti-Scientism, Energy, Electricity, Hydrography, Dynamics, Light

    Reports that John Ruskin announced to the Edinburgh meeting of the British Mineralogical Society that 'Scotland herself was one magnificent mineralogical specimen'. He also, however, 'complained that Geology endeavours to account for the catastrophes of chaos, without being able to tell why a pebble is coloured'; 'These views did not entirely win the approbation of Prof. Geikie'. Announces a scheme to harness the power of the fast-flowing River Rhone 'to grind electric light for the streets', noting that already 'Dams are being erected'. Also records that in America 'a system of automatic beacon lights has been adopted'. Each beacon will contain 'gas under a pressure of fifteen atmospheres', in a 'quantity [...] sufficient to light the beacon for three months'. (483)

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William Bragge

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