Mirror of Literature,  10 (1827), 17–32.

Sir Walter Scott's Life of Napoleon Bonaparte



Extract, Biography

Publications extracted:

[Scott] 1827a

[4] Napoleon's Early Life


Education, War, Military Technology, Genius, Endeavour, Mathematics, Aeronautics

Institutions mentioned:

military college, Brienne

    Observes: 'Napoleon's ardour for the abstract sciences amounted to a passion, and was combined with a singular aptitude for applying them to the purposes of war' (20). Considers dubious an anecdote suggesting that Napoleon was refused his desire to ascend in Jean P Blanchard's balloon and attempted to cut the balloon with his sword in pique.

[10] Napoleon Divorced from Josephine


Botany, Gender

    Reports that her life after the divorce was spent in acts of charitiy, in cultivating the fine arts, and in 'pursuing the science of botany' (29).

[14] Death of Napoleon


Medical Practitioners

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