Mirror of Literature,  10 (1827), 423–24.

The Bijou



Literary Notice; Extract

Publications extracted:

Thomas Hood Bijou

[2] A Lament for the Decline of Chivalry. By Thomas Hood, Esq.


Race, Disease, Medical Practitioners, Medical Treatment, Death, Accidents, Machinery

    Referring to the death of King Kamehameha II of the Sandwich Islands, writes: 'at our Black Prince / Historic pens would scoff— / The only one we moderns had / Was nothing but a Sandwich lad, / And measles took him off'. Another stanza reads: 'No iron-crackling now is scor'd, / By dint of battle-axe or sword, / To find a vital place— / Though certain Doctors still pretend / Awhile, before they kill a friend, / To labour through his case'. Urges the 'ancient men of might' to 'Sleep on, in rusty iron sleep, / As in a safety-coffin!'. (423)

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