Mirror of Literature,  11 (1828), 30.

A Few Opinions for 1828



Extract, Miscellaneous, Drollery

Publications extracted:

[Morgan] 1828


Transport, Invention, Aeronautics, Engineering, Universities, Education, Commerce, Pharmaceuticals

    Records numerous spoof opinions, including: 'Opinion is much divided on the subject of travelling between the Aeropleustics and the Vallancey [possibly a reference to the Irish military engineer Charles Vallancey] scheme. The plan of flying kites is, however, thought the most feasible in the city. The friends of the kite and the vacuum tube are each disposed to back their favourites for a large sum; but the odds are five to one "Teakettle against the field". When this question is decided, a suspension bridge over the Irish Channel, and a tunnel under the Straits of Dover will be immediately put in hand'. Records: 'The London university is fifty per cent. better than at the last quotation. Mechanics' Institutions hold their own'. Reports: 'Mustard-seed is still the "sovereign'st thing in the world" for the digestion'.

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