Mirror of Literature,  11 (1828), 65–68.

Bird's-Eye View of an Abattoir, or French Slaughter-House




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Architecture, Nutrition, Public Health, Cruelty, Government, Societies

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The Times

    Reports on the great advantages in terms of public health, animal welfare, and general convenience of the system of abattoirs adopted in Paris, and endorses the proposals of James Hakewill to introduce a similar scheme in London. Observes: 'Even the removal of that focus of filth and nauseating odours, Warwick Lane, would be no inconsiderable amelioration of that part of the city, as our good friends of Paternoster Row will allow; but the grave faculty of physicians seem to have taken the alarm long since, for they have removed their sanctum to a splendid new college, in one of the most elevated and salubrious situations of the metropolis; while their dismal old temple in Warwick Lane is deserted' (68).

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