Mirror of Literature,  11 (1828), 423–27.

Snatches of Sentiment. (From a Midsummer Day's Dream)



Introduction; Extract, Miscellaneous

Publications extracted:

Blackwood's Edinburgh Magazine

[1] [London]


Astronomy, Navigation

    Noting the naval supremacy of London, observes: 'The ocean obeys the "meteor-flag of England," even as its ebbing and flowing obeys the planet' (423).

[3] Pride of Scotland


Universities, Nationalism, Philosophy

    'A high philosophy has gone out from the sages of thy cities into the loneliest recesses of the hills. The student sits by the ingle of his father's straw-roofed shed [...] and pores and meditates over the pages of Reid, and Fergusson, and Stewart, and Brown, wise benefactors of the race' (424)

[5] A Leith Smack


Steamships, Fear

[10] Philosophy


Natural Philosophy, Piety, Feeling, Metaphysics

    While the 'study of physics is sublime, for the student feels as if mounting the lower steps of the ladder leading up to God in the skies', the study of metaphysics is sublimer still, 'when reason is her own object' (426).

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