Mirror of Literature,  5 (1825), 275–77.

Charitable Institutions in London. No. II. Royal Humane Society



Regular Feature, Reportage, Miscellaneous


Accidents, Medical Treatment, Patronage, Instruments

People mentioned:

John Fothergill , Thomas Cogan , William Hawes , Tsar Alexander I

Publications cited:

Derham 1713 , Cogan trans. 1773

    The article reports on the recent anniversary dinner of the Royal Humane Society, before reviewing its activities. The society is reported to have rescued from premature death more than 5,000 individuals in the neighbourhood of London alone. It has also prompted similar institutions in Britain and abroad, and has been the means 'of diffusing the best means of restoring suspended animation' (276). A brief history of the 'art of resuscitating the apparently dead' is given.

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