Mirror of Literature,  5 (1825), 417–22.

Captain John Franklin, R.N. F.R.S.





Navigation, Natural History, Discovery, Physical Geography, Invention, Instruments, Exploration, Education, Hydrography, Publishing, Heroism

People mentioned:

Christopher Columbus , James Cook , William E Parry , John Ross , David Buchan , John Richardson , Thomas Drummond

Institutions mentioned:

HMS Isabella , HMS Alexander , HMS Dorothea , HMS Trent

    The narrator considers the 'maritime superiority' of Britain to be partly dependent on its 'pre-eminence in maritime science' (418). The memoir begins with a discussion of the history of voyages of discovery, and reflects on the importance of the invention of the compass. It is noted of Franklin's home town, Spilsby, that it has 'long been remarkable for a spirit of scientific inquiry among its inhabitants, and particularly for the cultivation of the mathematical sciences' (419). Relating the details of the arctic expeditions of 1818, the narrator observes that the details of David Buchan's expedition have not been published, unlike those of John Ross: 'The papers and journals were deposited at the Admiralty, where they remain hermetically sealed to the public, though for what reason we are at a loss to divine' (419).

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