Mirror of Literature,  7 (1826), 82–85.

The Encyclopedist; or, Circle of the Sciences. No. I. Architecture  [1/3]



Regular Feature—Introduction; Essay, Serial


Encyclopaedias, History of Science, Theory, Practice, Education, Amusement

    A parenthetical introduction to the new feature explains the editor's objects. He intends to 'give in almost every number an account of some branch of science or art', but not to teach it in detail, as this would be beyond the limits of the publication and its 'great diversity of readers'. The object is to 'trace the history of a science, and explain or develope the theory of it', rather than to 'teach its practice'. This approach, it is hoped, will excite interest 'not only in the artisan, who may be more immediately concerned with the particular branch of science or art treated of, but in the general reader'. The editor notes that the order of subjects is not going to be systematic, since it is hoped that correspondents will contribute to 'this department'.

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