Mirror of Literature,  8 (1826), 146–47.

Prospectus of an Ideological Association, on a Novel Plan, to Diversify the Sensations, Extimulate the Ideas, and to Produce Sensible Improvement in Mental Iconology



Prospectus, Spoof


Philosophy, Societies, Empiricism, Collecting

    Written in high-blown language, the prospectus proposes that, since it is essential that complex ideas be founded on correct simple ideas, 'we should therefore acquire every simple idea that our organization admits of'. People avoid unpleasurable ideas, but 'The agreeable is not always the most valuable. The conchologist prizes not beauteous shells only. The geologist does not exclusively value glittering substances'. The proposed organization is therefore intended to foster 'voluntary punition', employing former 'familiars in the Holy Inquisition'. (146) 'Subscription 1l. 10s. 0d. per annum. Philosophers who doubt the veracity of the senses, or the externality of sensible objects 2l. 2s. 0d., on account of the extra trouble they will occasion' (247).

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