Mirror of Literature,  8 (1826), 213–14.






Astronomy, Biblical Authority, History of Science, Mathematics, Instrument-makers, Invention, Exploration, Acclimatization, Metrology

People mentioned:

Roger Bacon , Francis Drake , Robert Hooke , Zacharias Jansen , John Napier , John Hawkins

    Among the miscellaneous notes are the following: 'The first eclipse on record is of the moon, 720 years before Christ.—The antediluvian deluge lasted 377 days, and according to the best authorities, happened 1656 years after the creation [....] The first dawnings of astronomy and celestial observations were commenced at Babylon 2200 b. c. [....] Maps, globes, and the signs of the Zodiac, invented by Anaximander, 620 b. c. [....] The Multiplication Table and 47 Prop Book 1, Euclid, were invented by Pythagoras, 495 b. c. A large number of notes is devoted to 'Inventions and discoveries, sciences, vegetable, fruits, &c. introduced to Europe after the Christian era' (213).

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