Punch,  61 (1871), 98.

Thank the Lords!





Vaccination, Human Development, Government, Crime

Institutions mentioned:

Houses of Parliament

    Upholds vaccination as the greatest medical discovery since William Harvey's discovery of the circulation of the blood. Criticises the 'Parliamentary Asses' who, lacking faith in vaccination, launched an official inquiry into the technique. Notes that the inquiry vindicated vaccination but made the 'idiotic' recommendation that the penalty should be greatly reduced for those who neglected or refused to have their children vaccinated. Rejects the argument that this clause in the legislation was to prevent 'conscientious persons being fined': instead, thinks the true object of the clause was to 'make a weak concession to the asinine element in Parliament and out of it'. Praises the House of Lords for striking out this clause and thus bringing penalties on those 'asses' who risk their children's lives.

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