Punch,  1 (1841), 225.

The Physiology of the London Medical Student—8. Of the Examination at the Apothecaries' Hall  [8/12]



Serial—Essay, Drollery; Diary, Spoof


Medical Practitioners, Education, Universities, Lecturing

Institutions mentioned:

University of London

    Points out that before he enters the Apothecaries' Hall, the student collects 'testimonials of attendance to lectures and good moral conduct in his apprenticeship'. Advises students to obtain the testimonial of attendance while the testifier (the lecturer) is too busy to investigate the actual record of attendance. Produces a 'Code of Instructions' for examination candidates, which includes such jocose items as 'previously to going up, take some pills and get your hair cut', and 'should things appear to be going against you, get up a hectic cough'. Describes the behaviour of various students in the interval before, during, and after the examination.

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